Indian Recipes – 5 Great Tips

Indian recipes represent far more than just delicious, exotic food.  Indian cookery is a tradition that has been faithfully passed down through generations for hundreds and hundreds of years.

In recent times, the huge information sharing properties of the internet has meant that we are able to share in the secrets of great Indian cooking.

Now I’m no expert in this field, just an enthusiastic amateur, but I would like to share 5 of the best tips that I have come across which I hope will help when preparing Indian recipes.

  1. Storage: Green chilli’s are a staple in most Indian recipes. Removing the stems from chilli’s keeps them fresh and allows you to store them for longer periods of time.
  2. Herbs & Spices: As a general rule of thumb, add dried herbs and spices early in the cooking process and fresh one’s towards the end. Cooking for a prolonged period will often erode the flavour and aroma of fresh herbs and spices.
  3. Fish: Many Indian recipes call for steamed fish – placing a muslin cloth at the bottom of the pan will allow the fish to be lifted whole without breaking it.
  4. Onions: Onions are a staple of most Indian recipes – to avoid watering eyes, peel the onions under water, or hold a teaspoon in your mouth.
  5. Cardamom: When using cardamom pods many people peel them and discard the skin. To save time and improve the potency leave the skin on and chop finely.

Obviously with so much history behind Indian cookery there are many tips and tricks that can be used in the kitchen, I hope this selection has been of help.

If you’re interested in putting these tips to good use, why not take a look at our Indian Recipes archive.