What to do With Leftover Roast Potatoes

One of the biggest oversights with leftovers is the humble roast potato. Whilst they taste phenomenal with the roast, cold roast potatoes lose their crispy appeal after a couple of days in the fridge. Here are a few idea’s that will help you use up those leftover roast potatoes.

Before we go in to the various ideas for using up your leftover potatoes, let me just give you a quick tip – cold leftover roast potatoes will absorb cold oil very quickly making for a greasy mess of mash – always make sure that the oil is very hot before throwing in your roast potatoes this is will also ensure that your potatoes don’t stick to the pan. If they do stick, then your oil is not hot enough.

(by the way, have you seen out method for making perfect roast potatoes in the first place?)

  • Fry leftover roast potatoes with onion, garlic and bacon for a great side dish
  • Use them in a frittata
  • Leftover roast potatoes are always great in an omlette
  • Fry in some butter and curry powder for a quick and easy Bombay potato dish
  • Chop and fry your leftover roast potatoes with a bit of pepper for a breakfast accompaniment
  • That old favorite – bubble & squeak!
  • Saute your leftover roast potatoes with some salmon and cracked pepper and lemon juice
As you can see, all it takes is a little imagination and you will never have to waste another leftover roast potato again!