Ok so today we’re having a BBQ but no-one really feels like eating meat – we’ve had a fairly heavy couple of weeks not really eating well so today we’ve trawled the internet for a couple of relatively healthy vegetable ideas.

1. Veggie Kebabs

We really didn’t like the idea of making kebabs but just leaving off the meat so having looked around and mixed up a couple of recipes we’ve found we’ve come up with the following:-

Mushrooms (soaked in olive oil)
Onions (cut up into 1 inch chunks)
Halloumi (cut into 1 inch blocks)
Cherry tomatoes
Chunks of cucumber

Make up the falafell in advance, thread it all onto the skewers and BBQ it!

2. Stuffed Onions!!

Bigish onions (fist sized)
A little red capsicum pepper
Handful of sweet corn kernells
2 or 3 smallish mushrooms
lime juice (and some of the zest if you like it tangy)
half a thumb of fresh ginger
clove of garlic
handful of fresh coriander
Bit of olive oil

chop the top off of the onion and peel (make sure the root end remains together).

Next, pull all but the outer 3 or 4 layers out of the onions

Combine the onion innards that you’ve just removed and combine/ whizz/ blend with everything else.

Wrap in foil and bbq until cooked through.

To go with this we’re going to make some potato salad (potatoes, boiled eggs, salad cream, mayonaise, spring onions) and perhaps some couscous.